Nollya Factor

When winning is more than just a game

 Web3 players are winning and you can win with them.

You never buy an NFT

Nollya DAO owns all the NFT. You will choose your role as investor or player. Or you can lend an NFT to the DAO.

Predictable ROI

After Nollya DAO borrow or purchase a gaming NFT you can check the current ROI, according to game performance. It is the current value of the NFT for Nollya DAO. More ROI = More Value.

Daily Rewards

You can withdraw anytime your rewards daily or you could stake for getting more tokens-rewards.


Vote for the best gaming NFT to get rewards

By using our DAO you can vote for the best NFT to get passive rewards. You are able to check the current ROI and the expected rewards. Only you need ALGORAND to start investing.

Real Data from Zed.Run in 2023 so far

Zed.Run is a virtual horse racing game currently using Polygon blockchain. Rewards are in Zed token and Ethereum.

Imagine getting a slice of this web3 gaming team

JZed.Run is a leading web3 game. With more than 18000 active accounts and more than 20 million USD in market cap with the ZED Token.  Virtual Stables like Nollya compete for weekly prizes of almost 50.000 usd or more in virtual torunaments. 

The dao model

Choose your role

As NFT holder you can make a difference in the platform. By lending you get rewards. As a player you get NFT for playing at almost zero cost. And as investor you get access to the DAO to manage your token holdings. 

I am an Owner

You have some gaming NFT. You can be also member of the DAO.
You can lend your NFT to Nollya DAO and you will get NLYA tokens in exchange as collateral. You can get the NFT back by giving back NLYA.

I am an Investor

You will need votes to choose the promising gaming NFT. You will earn rewards with your votes and also by staking the rewards in the DAO. You will need NLYA tokens to buy Votes.

I am a Player

You need some good NFT to get crypto rewards by playing games. You can borrow some from the investors in the DAO

Nollya DAO

Helping the owners, investors and players to trade and generate a good trading volume for the given NFT. Getting rewards by comission of the trades and also by getting rewards on the invested NFT.

NLYA-ALGO pair being traded on Tinyman